The year the SHADOWDREAM was created with the idea to explore various musical styles and genres, from BLACK METAL, NEOCLASSICAL, AMBIENT and finally JAZZ. This was the year while Rastko was still studying music theory in Music High School in Novi Sad, Serbia, prior to which he obtained a degree in violin.


2005, 2006



     In December of 2005, first material DEMO '05 was released, limited to 33 hand numbered copies while the very next month, January of 2006, album SLAVA PERUNU was recorded and published. Soon after, in March of 2006 album BRATSTVO SMRTI, limited to 66 hand numbered copies, was issued. During the summer, Rastko received a degree in music theory and piano/flute at the Music High School.





     After enrolling at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Cinema department, SD participated on OCCULTUM PRODUCTIONS compilation ...CRÉPHUSCHLE and album CARSTVO TISINE was  released by the aforementioned French record label on June 1st 2007, limited to 300 copies. Also, as a bonus, this album contains material from previous release, Bratstvo smrti. At the end of year, split album HATEDOLLS AND LIES, with French band DUNKELNACHT, was recorded and officially got out on November 1st. 





     Re-release of the album Carstvo tisine by Serbian ROCK EXPRESS RECORDS, containting two bonus tracks taken from Hatedolls and Lies Split, as well as with different cover artwork/booklet. This re-release was done exclusively for the Balkans. During early summer, SD relocated to Rome, where Rastko continued music work and studies of Italian language at the international school DILIT. Also, this is the year that marked R's more serious astronomical observations and involvement with Astonomical Society of Novi Sad.





     Album PART OF THE INFINITY was recorded during the summer of 2008 in Rome, Italy, and was published via German record label NORDSTURM PRODUCTIONS in 2009. Special edition of this album, limited strictly to 25 copies, had a t-shirt included. In June Rastko earned a BA diploma in 2009 at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad,  in the field of Dramatic Arts (specialised in practical filmmaking).


2010, 2011



     During this period, Shadowdream gave an homage to the historical period of Renaissance. The opus DE SPHAERA VOLVELLE represented, until then, the most mature and complex opus of compositions in projects existence. Album was released on various formats, via various record labels (first being tape format on Ukranian label DEPRESSIVE ILLUSIONS RECORDS during 2010 and in 2011 via German record label NATURMACHT PRODUCTIONS as a CD. 


     Shadowdream appeared on Tamanui Te-RA Compilation (Kalpamantra Official Web Album/Compilation), GROM RECORDS double compilation MESSAGE FROM THE OTHER SIDE, as well as on the compilation BLACK METAL AGENDA VOLUME 19: DEPRESSIVE ILLUSIONS (DARK AMBIENT EDITION). Also, it contributed compositions to Serbian black metal band BANE for their MISANTHROPHIA EP and albums CHAOS, DARKNESS & EMPTINESS and THE ACAUSAL FIRE. During this period, Rastko became second member of black metal nightmare ANCIENT SORROW.





     While based in Stockholm on his Master studies in Cinema, Rastko traveled to remote parts of Middle East and and South/Central America in order to learn more about their cultures and gather more inspiration for further work.  






     Split album with Mexican project AH-PUCH titled TEMPLE OF OLD LORDS was released, which was strictly limited to 33 die hard copies, was released via NECROMOON RECORDS. Also, this year Rastko defended a Masters degree at the Stockholm University (2011-2013), Sweden in 2013 at the Department of Cinema Studies, with the thesis "The Impact of Totalitarian Ideologies on Serbian Cinema between 1960 and 1975".






     SHADOWDREAM inked a contract with Italian label WORMHOLE DEATH RECORDS


     Sixth full lenght album titled UM, which marked 10 years of musical work, was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden and was released and promoted/distributed worldwide via WORMHOLE DEATH RECORDS, which is part of the Aural Music Group and administered by Warner/Chappell Worldwide


     This album presents a "sonick psychosis", a unique voyage into the depths of a tortured mind - the mind of a schizophrenic. Therefore, the music on this album can be described as "Psychotic Jazz".





     As SHADOWDREAM is a musical project created with a goal to always discover new musical landscapes and reinvent itself, this eclecticism led its author through many musical changes. From the humble beginnings in the domain of black metal, through dark ambient and neoclassical tones into something which can be only described as MIDNIGHT JAZZ, on the latest opus titled THE SUNSETTLER'S MOTEL.




     THE SUNSETTLER?S MOTEL is a film noir without a picture. It is a tale of crime painted with dark jazz tones, which will take you to the vast corners of suspense and mystery. It is a soundtrack for a film you can create within your imagination. And as there are always spare rooms in THE SUNSETTLER'S MOTEL, welcome and let the noir begin.


DURING THIS YEAR, SHADOWDREAM / RASTKO PERISIC OFFICIALLY BECAME PART OF WARNER/CHAPPEL PUBLISHING AND WARNER MUSIC ARTISTS, with such greats as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Kraftwerk, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles to name a few. 


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Albums UM and THE SUNSETTLER'S MOTEL made groundbreaking, MORE THAN 10 MILLION ONLINE STREAMS/PURCHASES with numbers piling up.